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About Me:

I'm based at the EPSRC Nano Doctoral Training Centre (NanoDTC) where I am undertaking my PhD in Electron Microscopy.

Previously I studied Natural Sciences MSci at University College London specializing in Physics and Molecular Biology, and interested in the intersection of these fields.

Richard Feynman-  "It is very easy to answer many of the fundamental biological questions; you just look at the thing!"

I grew up in the London borough of Tower Hamlets in East London. A borough with the highest rate of child poverty and pay inequality and issues with Islamic extremism and knife crime. It's also home to canary wharf, one of the biggest financial districts in the UK. It's a weird place to grow up.

I dropped out of high school when I was 15. But despite this, I would still make it to university, although got quite lucky along the way. My indecisiveness led me to make a last-minute switch from studying mathematics to natural sciences, but my passion for maths and science has always stayed with me and eventually led to me studying for a PhD in nanoscience and nanotechnology.




MRes + PhD

EPSRC CDT MRes + PhD in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Cambridge University

Fully funded Doctoral Program in NanoScience and Nanotechnology. 


Exchange Student

Exchange Program, McGill University

Accepted onto the UCL exchange program, completing my 3rd year abroad at McGill University in Canada.


Master of Science

MSci Natural Sciences (Physics and Molecular Cell Biology), University College London

Interdisciplinary undergraduate degree specialising in physics.

Thesis: Investigating Ferroelectric Properties of Hafnium Dioxide.

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