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Education Outreach:


As simultaneously both a high school dropout and now a Cambridge PhD student I've witnessed the extreme contrast between education in the UK and the opportunities that come along with it.

In an ideal world, everyone should have access to equal opportunities regardless of the environment they are born into or their identity.

I'm passionate about new outreach opportunities in both education and science, just get in touch!

Science Communication:

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I actively seek out new science communication opportunities, both within schools and in wider society. Communicating science to the wider public is a crucial part of being a scientist.

  • I participated in the Cambridge Science Festival with a stall on nanoscience in March 2023

  • I volunteered at the Royal Institution during my undergraduate degree, teaching science to children through hands-on experiments. The Royal Institution has a long history in science education and communication dating back to Michael Faraday and the annual Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. Notable speakers include David Attenborough (1973) and Carl Sagan (1977). Two of the biggest names in science communication.


Very few people make a more positive impact on an individual than their teachers. I hope to be a teacher in some capacity one day.

  • I avolunteered at a sixth form in Newham as an Academic Tutor. I created and provided university-style tutorials for 6 A-level physics students, mimicking the supervision you would have at university adapting my own university work to fit with their syllabus. My 10-week volunteering experience with them ended with me giving a 30-minute school talk to 50 physics students Titled: "How to get a Nobel prize in Physics" and emphasized thinking outside the box where I derived with them the radius of a hydrogen atom step by step by combining knowledge of quantum physics and fundamental forces they learned in their A-levels.

I offer free tutorials in GCSE and A-Levels: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, as well as university admissions advice, from personal statements to admissions tests and interview tips. Just get in touch!


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